Guy Laroche

Maison Guy Laroche


After Hermès, Richard René mainly pursued his career with Jean-Paul Gaultier working for Haute Couture as well as women’s ready-to-wear, sportswear collections, men’s collections and accessories. After winning all the Hyères 2004 International Fashion Festival awards he launched his eponymous brand, now dormant. He defines his fashion as “ radical, minimalist and purist ” and the noblest fabrics are morphed with architectural cuts, no ornaments or embellishments. Richard René is dedicated to black and white and in constant search for the quintessence of a garment. A quest for purity, which doesn’t refrain from daring invention or irreverence.

The designer says: “I grew up with the house of Guy Laroche symbolizing for me a kind of luxury and liberty. Guy Laroche was a bold fashion designer; a forerunner and he lived in a very liberated manner just like the women he dressed. This is the spirit I would like to trigger again and that seems to matter more than ever today.”